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2023-2024 College Catalog and Student Handbook 
2023-2024 College Catalog and Student Handbook
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ARTS 1770 - Digital Photography II

Academic Division: Business, Industry and Technology
Academic Discipline: Arts
Assistant Dean: Brooke Miller, M.B.A.
3 Credit(s)
This hands on course builds on the principles learned in ARTS 1070 - Digital Photography  and applies the retouching and color correction principles learned in VCMT 1050 - Imaging I . Students will develop their skills in different kinds of lighting including the use of natural lighting, continuous lighting, speed lights, and strobe lights for products and portraiture. Posing, working with subjects and equipment, planning for photo sessions, and working with clients will be covered. Post processing of photos will be addressed using Adobe Lightroom. Organizing, customizing, retouching, controlling color, using special effects and ordering prints will be covered. Students will be required to build a photography portfolio of prints from a photo processing lab. Many out-of-class photography projects will be assigned, some of which will require recruiting models and time outside class in the Kehoe photo studio. A digital SLR camera is required. UG
3 Lab Hour(s)
2 Lecture Hour(s);
Required Prerequisite Course(s): Take ARTS 1070  and VCMT 1050  with a minimum grade C-

College Wide Outcomes
College-Wide Learning Outcomes Assessments - - How it is met & When it is met
Communication – Written  
Communication – Speech  
Intercultural Knowledge and Competence  
Critical Thinking Midterm Photo Shoot Plan Critical Thinking VALUE Rubric
Information Literacy  
Quantitative Literacy  

Student Learning Outcomes for Course
Outcomes Assessment - - How it is met & When it is met

1. Plan a photo shoot for a specific on location situation including lighting, equipment, poses, and help needed.

Midterm Project (Middle of the semester)

2. Demonstrate the ability to direct subjects to pose and perform basic positions.

Head shot exercise, full body portrait, group portrait (All projects all semester)
3. Demonstrate advanced photographic lighting skills. Final photograph portfolio will show multiple types of lighting & subjects (Last week of semester)

4. Evaluate photographs for flaws and be able to correct them.

Adobe Lightroom retouching exercise, all projects will be processed without flaws (All projects all semester)
5. Order/organize and develop/process photographs. Adobe Lightroom exercise (All projects, all semester)
6. Create a slideshow and image book. Adobe Lightroom exercise (Beginning of second half of semester)

7. Create a collage of photographs using action sports shots.

Sports Collage Project (Last 3 or 4 weeks of semester
8. Assemble a photography portfolio. Photography Portfolio (Last week of semester)


Standard Grading Scale
93-100      A

90 - 92      A-

87- 89       B+

83 - 86      B

80 -82       B-

77- 79       C+

73 - 76      C

70 -72       C-

67- 69       D+

63 - 66      D

60 -62       D-

00- 59       F

Statement on Diversity
North Central State College believes that every student is a valued and equal member of the community.*  Every student brings different experiences to the College, and all are important in enriching academic life and developing greater understanding and appreciation of one another. Therefore, NC State College creates an inclusive culture in which students feel comfortable sharing their experiences. Discrimination and prejudice have no place on the campus, and the College takes any complaint in this regard seriously. Students encountering aspects of the instruction that result in barriers to their sense of being included and respected should contact the instructor, assistant dean, or dean without fear of reprisal. 

*Inclusive of race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, national origin (ancestry), military status (past, present or future), disability, age (40 years or older), status as a parent during pregnancy and immediately after the birth of a child, status as a parent of a young child, status as a foster parent, genetic information, or sexual orientation, 

Standard NCSC Course Policies
Important information regarding College Procedures and Policies can be found on the syllabus supplement located at this link



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