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Water Technology Certificate

The water technology certificate program will prepare prospective water operators and technicians for a rewarding career in the fields of water and wastewater treatment.  Upon completion of the certificate curriculum, students will be able to sit for either the Class 1 Ohio EPA Water or Wastewater Treatment Certification exam.  In addition, the certificate will stack into the Associates of Science degree in Bioscience. 

Fall Semester

Course NameCredit(s)Term TakenGrade
BIOS 1010 - Introduction to Bioscience Lab Technique

Required Prerequisite Course(s): Take ENGL 0040, MATH 0084, CHEM 1010 with a minimum grade of C-.

Required Concurrent Course(s): Take BIOS 1010L 

4 Credit(s)
BIOS 1030 - Environmental Science

Required Concurrent Course(s): Take BIOS 1030L 

Required as Prerequisite or Concurrent Course(s): Take BIOL 1230 , BIOS 1010 

4 Credit(s)
MATH 1110 - College Algebra

Required Prerequisite Course(s): MATH 0084 (Minimum grade of C- required) or qualifying placement test score

4 Credit(s)

Spring Semester

Course NameCredit(s)Term TakenGrade
CHEM 1030 - Chemistry

Required Prerequisite Course(s): Take CHEM 1010 or high school chemistry AND MATH 0084 with a minimum grade of C-.

Required Concurrent Course(s): Take CHEM 1030L 

3 Credit(s)
ENGL 1010 - English Composition I

Required Prerequisite Course(s): ENGL 0040; (minimum grade of C-), or qualifying placement test scores

3 Credit(s)
BIOS 1130 - Water Treatment Credit(s)
BIOS 1150 - Wastewater Treatment

Required Prerequisite Course(s): BIOS 1010 , BIOS 1030 , MATH 1110 

Required as Prerequisite or Concurrent Course(s): CHEM 1030 

3 Credit(s)