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Business Analytics Certificate

Business Analytics is a highly practical, immediately applicable certificate, in which students learn to use the latest technologies, processes and applications, such as Microsoft Business Intelligence suite, that today’s high-tech businesses utilize. The program exposes students to the skills needed to improve business decision making through data analysis.

Fall Semester

Course NameCredit(s)Term TakenGrade
BUSM 2010 - Introduction to Data Management for Business 3 Credit(s)
CISS 1220 - Microsoft Excel 2 Credit(s)
CISS 1280 - Microsoft Excel Advanced

Required Prerequisite Course(s): Take CISS 1220 

2 Credit(s)
CISS 1290 - Microsoft Office Business Intelligence

Required as Prerequisite or Concurrent Course(s): Take CISS 1280;

2 Credit(s)

Spring Semester

Course NameCredit(s)Term TakenGrade
BUSM 2320 - Business Analytics for Data Driven Decisions

Required Prerequisite Course(s): BUSM 2010 and CISS 1290 

3 Credit(s)
BUSM 1010 - Introduction to Business and Entrepreneurship

Required Prerequisite Course(s): ENGL 0040, (minimum grade of C-), or qualifying placement test score

3 Credit(s)
CISS 1230 - Microsoft Access 2 Credit(s)
CISS 1240 - Microsoft Office Workplace Technology Ms Office Workplace Technology 2 Credit(s)