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Certified Bookkeeping Certificate

This certificate prepares a student to pass the Certified Bookkeeper exam, administered by the American Institution of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPB). AIPB administers the exam, please see their website for more details.

The classes in this certificate are built from the Accounting degree; therefore, the opportunity is present for students to complete the degree without losing credit hours.

Required Courses

Course NameCredit(s)Term TakenGrade
ACCT 1010 - Financial Accounting 4 Credit(s)
ACCT 2012 - Taxation I 3 Credit(s)
ACCT 2016 - Taxation II

Required Prerequisite Course(s): ACCT 2012 

3 Credit(s)
CISS 1220 - Microsoft Excel 2 Credit(s)
ACCT 1052 - Computerized Accounting

Required Prerequisite Course(s): Take ACCT 1010 

2 Credit(s)
CISS 1280 - Microsoft Excel Advanced

Required Prerequisite Course(s): Take CISS 1220 

2 Credit(s)
ACCT 1070 - Payroll Accounting

Required as Prerequisite or Concurrent Course(s): Take ACCT 1052;

2 Credit(s)
ACCT 1090 - Certified Bookkeeper Prep

Required Prerequisite Course(s): Take ACCT 1010, ACCT 2012, CISS 1220;

Required as Prerequisite or Concurrent Course(s): Take ACCT 1070;

2 Credit(s)

Total Credit Hours: 20