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North Central State College has established a financial aid program which assists eligible students to attend the College.  Funding for financial aid comes from the federal governments, the College and its Foundation, and private sources.  Types of available aid include grants and scholarships, loans, and part-time employment. The College’s Financial Aid Office has sole responsibility for the administration of all student financial aid programs at the College.

Additional information may be obtained from the Financial Aid Office.  The availability of financial aid and policies governing the administration of financial aid programs are subject to change. 

General Eligibility Requirements for Financial Aid

  • High school graduate or GED recipient
  • Admitted as a regular North Central State College student
  • Seeking to earn an associate’s degree or aid-eligible certificate at the College
  • Making satisfactory academic progress as defined by the College
  • Enrolled in and attending regular courses
  • Other criteria may apply

How to Apply for Financial Aid

  1. FAFSA (federal aid application) – submit electronically at
  2. High school transcript (showing date of graduation) or GED certificate – submit to the Admissions Office.
  3. Scholarships and Employment – additional applications required.
  4. Apply at least two months prior to the start of the semester for which aid is desired. 

The entire application process, other than #2, must be repeated each academic year.



Grants are “gift funding” provided by the federal government which only rarely has to be repaid.

  • Federal Pell Grant:  Amounts are set annually; awarded to both full and part-time students; award amount varies with level of enrollment.
  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG):  Awards are made to those with the greatest financial need.



A North Central State College scholarship is "gift funding" that does not have to be repaid.  Scholarships to graduating high school students are based on grade average, class rank, and composite ACT score.  High school seniors should submit a copy of their most recent transcript with their application for admission.

  • The President’s Scholarship for Excellence:  Awarded to graduating seniors from area high schools; pays for up to 66 semester hours of basic tuition charges; amount awarded is reduced by eligibility for other financial assistance; selection is competitive.
  • The Academic Dean’s Scholarship:  Awarded to graduating seniors from area high schools; pays for up to 33 semester hours of basic tuition charges; amount awarded is reduced by eligibility for other financial assistance; and selection is competitive.



The North Central State College Foundation receives funds from supporters of the College and, in turn, provides merit, need-based, and general financial assistance to over one hundred NC State students each year.  Scholarships are available for those who are new or previously enrolled, and who are full-time or part-time. 

Application forms and complete details about Foundation scholarships are available on the College website.

Necessities Fund - A loan which can be forgiven.

Students who do not qualify for federal grants but do have a specific financial obstacle to attending the College may apply for a loan from the Necessities Fund. While this is a loan program, the loan will be forgiven (will not have to be repaid) if the student graduates from the College within four years of receiving funding.  Contact the Financial Aid Office for details.

Emergency Loan Fund

Short-term, small amount funding is available to assist eligible students meet unusual expenses which might prevent them from attending the college.  Loans will not be approved for typical college expenses (e.g., tuition and books) or for daily living expenses.  Repayment is required within 60 days.  An application form may be obtained from the Financial Aid Office.  Funding for this program is limited.



Student loans must be repaid.  Complete student loan information is available on the College website at: loans.html.

  • Federal Direct Student Loan:  Federally funded; must be enrolled at least half-time; eligibility varies with year in college and dependency; repayment begins six months after last date of half-time enrollment.
  • Federal Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (FPLUS):  Federally funded; made to parents of dependent students; requires credit check.  Contact the Financial Aid Office for program details and an application.
  • Private (alternative) Loans:  Made by commercial lenders; not subject to federal financial aid rules; requires credit check and often a co-borrower.  Contact the Financial Aid Office for details.
  • The last day to accept an offered student loan or apply for an increased loan amount is the Friday of the third week of the semester.



Federal Work-Study (FWS):  Federally and College funded; provides part-time employment on campus; need based; applications are available at the Financial Aid Office; requires half-time enrollment; other eligibility criteria apply.  View complete details at:



(Title IV Refund Policy)

When a student who has received federal financial aid withdraws from or stops attending all classes, the College is required to determine if any of the aid which the student received is required to be returned by the student. The College will, in compliance with federal law, calculate the amount of the required return and will bill the student for the amount owed.



Military veterans and their dependents may be eligible for educational benefits from the United States Veterans Administration (VA) while attending the College.  The Financial Aid Office certifies to the VA recipient eligibility relating to enrollment.  Those seeking benefits should note:

  • Processing time of applications for VA benefits takes eight weeks or more.
  • The VA will notify applicants directly about their eligibility for benefits.
  • Benefits will only be provided for courses required for the (one) major for which the recipient has been approved.
  • The Financial Aid Office is not a full-service veterans’ affairs office.

To maintain eligibility for VA benefits, the recipient must:

  • Progress toward completing an educational objective
  • Attend the classes for which he/she is registered
  • Notify the Financial Aid Office of all enrollment processes including registration, adding, dropping, and repeating courses, and changes of major or catalog year.
  • Notify the Financial Aid Office of all personal information changes including address, phone number, etc. 



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