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Associate Degrees

Health Services Technology

Health Services Technology



Associate of Applied Science


North Central State College’s Health Services Technology degree program is designed for students wanting to be cross-trained in several healthcare skills. Graduating students will be able to perform more than one healthcare function in the ever changing health care delivery system.

Students will be required to select at least two or more specialized areas beyond the general education requirements and the core health technology courses. Certificates by State, National, and certifying organizations will show competency in the specialized areas. Those areas include:

  • Coding and Billing
  • Community Health Worker
  • Dental Assisting
  • Electrocardiography Technologist
  • Emergency Medical Technician
  • Paramedic
  • Phlebotomy Technician
  • State Tested Nurse Assistant
  • Surgical Technology
  • Pharmacy Technician

Since there are many combinations of specialization, students should contact the program director to discuss their career goals and plan for their individualized curriculum. Students must complete a minimum of 64 credits as follows:

  • 15 credits from general education core courses
  • 19 credits from basic core courses
  • 30 credits from technical electives, including the completion of at least two area of specialization (up to 9 credits may be chosen from a list of related electives)

Students who are seeking another degree option or who already have a health technology degree may enroll in additional specialization areas to obtain certification.

The Associate of Applied Science degree is awarded for the completion of this program.

Please Note: Many of the Health Services Technology courses/programs are offered as "flex" courses and may not follow the college's term calendar.  For information on class schedules and times, please contact the Health Sciences Office at 419-755-4805.  

Contact your faculty advisor to establish an educational plan.


Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will demonstrate the technical skills needed for the specialized areas of the program.
  2. Students will demonstrate professionalism as needed for the specialized areas of the program.
  3. Students will demonstrate attainment of the knowledge needed for the specialized areas of the program.

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Community Health Worker Certificate

Students who complete this certificate program are eligible to be certified by the Ohio Board of Nursing as a Community Health Worker (CHW). The CHW will work in the community as an outreach resource assisting clients in six major areas: healthcare, community resources, communication skills, individual and community advocacy, health education, and skills and responsibilities. Practicum experiences in the community will be a major component of the certificate.

A minimum grade of C- is required in all CHWR courses and an overall certificate grade point average of 2.00. An acceptable Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (BCI&I) report is required. Various practicum sites for CHWR2750 may have specific background check and drug testing requirements. CHWR2710, CHWR2730, and CHWR2750 must be completed within a two year period (exceptions require approval of the Dean of Health Sciences).

CHWR2710 will count as a technical elective in the Human Services program.

Course Number  Course Credit Hours
CHWR 2710 Community Health Worker I 3
CHWR 2730 Heath Care Across the Lifespan 3
CHWR 2750 Community Health Worker Directed Practice/Seminar 3

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Coding and Billing Certificate

Students who complete the program are eligible to be certified by the AAPC as a Certified Professional Coder.  Students will have advanced information in ICD-Coding and CPT-4 coding plus apply principles and guidelines for using the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10/PCS) to code diagnosis and procedures in a variety of settings.

Course Number  Course Credit Hours
HITP 1010 Coding and Billing 7
HITP 1030 Advanced Coding and Billing 3

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Dental Assisting Certificate

Students who complete the program are eligible to be certified by the CODA as a Dental Assistant.  Some specific tasks that may be performed may include assisting the dentist to provide oral healthcare during a variety of procedures, exposing and processing x-rays, preparing and sterilizing instruments and equipment, and educating patients in various post-operative care and treatment.

Course Number  Course Credit Hours
DENT 1010 Introduction to Dental Assisting 8
DENT 1030 Dental Assisting Procedures I 8
DENT 1050 Dental Assisting Procedures II 8

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Emergency Medical Technician Certificate

Students who complete the program are eligible to be certified by the State of Ohio Certification as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT).  Emphasis is on accurate observations, evaluation of emergency situations, effective communications with the medical network, and high skill proficiency.  This class also serves as a required building block to the Paramedic classes.

Course Number  Course Credit Hours
EMTP 1010 Emergency Medical Technician 6

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Paramedic Certificate

Students who complete the program are eligible to be certified by the National Registry as a Paramedic.  Emphasis is on managing medical emergencies including patient assessment, medical-legal issues, airway management, fluid therapy and pharmacology, geriatric care and management of respiratory emergencies, assessment and management of cardiac emergencies as well as assessment and advanced management of trauma.

Course Number  Course Credit Hours
EMTP 1010 Emergency Medical Technician 6
EMTP 2030 EMT Paramedic 6
EMTP 2031 EMT Paramedic 6
EMTP 2032 EMT Paramedic 6
EMTP 2033 EMT Paramedic 3

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Pharmacy Technician Certificate

Students who complete the program are eligible to be certified by the Ohio Pharmacy Technical Board as a Pharmacy Technician.  This program will prepare you to assist the pharmacist in various healthcare facilities. 

Course Number  Course Credit Hours
PHRM 2100 Pharmacy Tech Training Part A 8
PHRM 2200 Pharmacy Tech Training Part B 7

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Phlebotomy and EKG Certificate

Students who complete the program are eligible to be certified by the American Medical Technologists (AMT) as a Phlebotomy Technician.  EKG technologist will complete heart testing which can then be read by a physician.  The phlebotomist will be able to draw blood and obtain samples of other body fluids to be processed by a laboratory.

Course Number  Course Credit Hours
ELKG 1110 Electrocardiography Technician 4
PHLB 1110 Phlebotomy 2
PHLB 1210 Phlebotomy Directed Practice 2
PHLB 1250 Phlebotomy Seminar 1

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State Tested Nurse Assistant Certificate

Students who complete the program are eligible to be certified by the Ohio Board of Health as a State Tested Nurse Assistant (STNA).  The STNA will assist the Licensed Practical and Registered Nurse in providing basic care to patients in all types of health facilities and home health.

Course Number  Course Credit Hours
STNA 1110 State Tested Nurse Assistant 3
STNA 1150 State Tested Nurse Assistant CPR/First Aid 1
STNA 1250 State Tested Nurse Assistant Clinical 2

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Surgical Technology Certificate

Students who complete the program are eligible to be certified by the AST as a Surgical Technician.  The program emphasized the role and responsibilities of the surgical technologist in effective communication, legal, ethical, and moral aspects of care, preparation of the patient for surgery, preparation of the OR for surgery, aseptic techniques, patient care procedures, environmental safety, and supply/equipment preparation and use. 

Course Number  Course Credit Hours
SURG 1010 Surgical Technology Microbiology 4
SURG 1030 Fundamentals of Surgical Tech 12
SURG 1050 Surgical Tech Anatomy & Physiology 10
SURG 1070 Surgical Technology Procedures 16

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